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Malekpour & Ball is the nation's only trial consulting team qualified and certified to advise attorneys on Reptilianmethods and techniques.


About M&B

Expert Trial & Jury Consultants

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Malekpour & Ball works nationally on civil and criminal cases of every size and scope.  The firm's methods are meticulously researched and thoroughly practice-tested for today's changing juries. The strategies we provide for trial are known to have changed the face of trial advocacy over the past ten years, and are widely considered the "gold standard" of the consulting field.  As we develop and adapt these strategies for each specific case, you are provided with tools that maximize your chances of doing well at trial or in mediation. Learn more

David Ball on the Reptilian Brain

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What we have with Reptilian advocacy is a way to get right to the reptilian brain. In any situation where a decision has to be made and that decision can affect me, Juror #3’s security and safety - the reptilian brain takes over and the reptile never loses. It’s been used heavily in marketing and politics and when we started doing this, we thought maybe this would work in advocacy. And it had succeeded way beyond anything we ever though it would be. Learn more

What Makes a Good Visual

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The brain learned to communicate with visuals long before words. And it did so in clear and concise fashion. Over time, visuals gave way to the written word yet the mind still and will always intuitively turn words into pictures. Thus, the key to a good visual, a visual with impact, is one that does not rely on labels and text to make its point. Through our partnering with High Impact, Inc., we are able to offer the first and only line of visual media based on the qualified and safe application of the principles of Reptilian advocacy. Learn more

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Our Services

Case Workday

Malekpour & Ball now offers a Reptile WorkDay, available on either a flat fee or a sliding fee based on verdict or settlement. You bring your case to our North Carolina base for an interruption-free, day-long strategy session with David Ball and Artemis Malekpour. This intensive workshop -- brainstorming session will frame your case into David Ball on Damages, Reptile, and Rules of the Road principles. We start by taking an overview of your case, including its strengths and weaknesses. Then we work with you and your team to develop the optimum case narrative and positioning. We end by applying the Reptile, the Rules, and Damages methods to your discovery, jury research, and trial.

We do only three WorkDay sessions per two week period, so if you're interested, contact us as soon as possible.

Research (Focus) Groups

Focus group research is only as valuable as the ability of its consultants to turn its results into viable case strategies.  This is why our lead consultants themselves – not assistants – design and conduct the case research sessions. The success of the research depends on presenting a fair and unbiased assessment of the case. Our goal is not to win the research session but to learn how jurors react to the issues and work towards decisions.  Based on what we learn, we guide you in preparing the strongest possible case strategies and presentation for mediation and/or trial.

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Our Team

Artemis Malekpour, J.D., M.H.A.

Trial Consultant

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David Ball, Ph.D

Trial Consultant

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Get in Touch

To get started, call us at 919-961-8177 or fill out the contact form to the right.

Hourly Consultation

We are available for consultation on an hourly basis in person, or via phone or video conference. We tailor the conference format, length and topics to your needs and resources. We offer special guidance with developing and refining rules, openings, mechanism of harm explanations and Reptilian tentacles spreading.

When to Bring Us On Board

Whether for hourly consultation, a Case WorkDay session or a Research (focus group) Project, we encourage you to plan ahead.  Turning case analysis into mediation or trial strategy takes time. We recommend that you allow at least one month from hourly or WorkDay consulting to mediation or trial, and at least three months from Research Project to mediation or trial.